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Client Testimonials

Here is what some of our happy learners say about us

Ana is very helpful, explains the processes and structures of the language, and is very patient with me. She gives me homework every week which I find very helpful… At each lesson we go over what we learnt the previous week and if I have problems (which is often at this stage) she repeats anything I am having trouble with. I would recommend her to anyone who is trying to learn Spanish… A EXCELLENT TEACHER

Peter Cooper

United Kingdom

Learning for travel

Nothing but lovely things to say – a great teacher and very patient! Sophie 🙂

Sophie McDonald

United Kingdom

Learning for leisure

I started the summer with no previous Spanish knowledge, and Ana prepared me very well for moving to Barcelona in just three months. She taught me what I wanted to learn and always asked me if I had any problems which I wanted solving. Every lesson I was given homework to complete for next time, which was very beneficial for consolidating my knowledge. Highly recommended. Thanks Ana 🙂

Phoebe McCrorie

United Kingdom

Learning for business